To Mystify


           These photographs were produced based on the nomination for the LACOSTE ELYSEE PRIZE and as a non-commercial project LACOSTE L.12.12.


            In my LACOSTE L.12.12 concept I purposely reversed  both functions of common advertising campaigns, namely the marketing strategy and image structure (man and woman, excessive sexuality, exaggerated self-confidence, an illusion of perfect background, lightening and color artificiality etc.). Consequently, the form becomes a conceptual mean and guide to visual culture of this photographic triptych. The content remains the same though - I replaced the values of today’s unrealistically perfected way of life and life style with the values, which are deliberately and evidently suppressed by the current consumer society. The idea of my concept returns to people themselves, to basic life values and  the depiction of emotions of fear and anxiety, usually censored by today’s society. These emotions are clearly visible in my pictures, though at the same time they are clouded by perfect imaginary landscape sceneries in a strongly estheticized form. In this case, the landscape feels distant, out of reach, unreal in the context of our hi-tech world, where everything is near perfect and society prefers uncertain and unnecessary perceptions. It also metaphorically represents and materializes our deepest dreams and desires to gain ideal, flawless reality. It reflects elements of magic realism. My photographs are intended to sensitively react to the relationship between men and women in a critical  life situation, with emphasis on deliberate and precise expressions and gestures.

          I used a circular format, often used in the renaissance and iconography, as a reference to history of art. There is an element of digital artifacts in the pictures, creating strange distorted structures, which leaves the viewer in doubt – is this real or fiction? I chose black and white photography in order to further emphasize this uncertainty, and to reduce and question the reality. The landscape depicted  in my pictures is half real and half fictive and LACOSTE L.12.12 represents a product connecting both of these aspects of the image, becoming the only tangible element of this whole concept.






edition of 3 + 2AP (80cm x 80cm)

edition of 5 + 2AP (40cm x 40cm)

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